About Salesforce Service Cloud & Its Functionality

Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms that is used for connecting people to their required information. Here, we are going to discuss the core services of salesforce sales cloud and how the technology is employed for revolutionising the much-required customer support. It is done by ensuring easier customer interactions with their required service providers. Salesforce service cloud adds the point of value to your business no matter what big or small it is.

What is the need for salesforce financial service cloud?

As a business owner if you are concerned about customer service, then Salesforce financial service cloud can be the best answer. Whether your business process is involved in B2B or B2C, Salesforce service cloud will help your customers to raise tickets and queries on a daily basis. These tickets are received by a service agent and therefore, you can track and solve their queries accordingly. This transformation of customer experience is very crucial for every business type. However, Salesforce financial service cloud has a lot more to offer.

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant for Maximizing Productivity

Get in touch with a professional and experienced salesforce service cloud consultant who can provide a robust system for your business. Employing service cloud, you and your team can work from anywhere as it supports easy management options. These include mobile devices, web-based applications and knowledge base. This means, automatically the productivity of the employees will get enhanced due to the reduction of overhead costs.

Salesforce service cloud consultant helps you in transforming the entire customer experience from your business. Implementing salesforce service cloud, you can drastically enhance customer relationships. This further helps in ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Enhancing customer experience means your business will receive repeated customer transactions from the existing base as well as gaining new set of customers.

Salesforce Customer Service

​Salesforce Consulting Group provides exceptional customer service to ensure security over your data. We make sure that your data is protected on the service cloud platform. Our salesforce customer service includes a multi-layered approach so that the vital information of your business stays protected all the time. Through service cloud platforms you can also choose to interact with the customers on various social media platforms. The platform also offers case tracking options so that you can resolve the customer tickets swiftly and efficiently. Therefore, manual errors are kept at bay and management of daily activity is enhanced.

Salesforce Development Services

The growing acceptance of Salesforce shows why people are switching to service cloud. The platform plays an important role when it comes to improving your customer executive team. Salesforce development services paired with service cloud is perfect combination of creativity and smartness. The process is built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform that allows 360° view of your customer base. By doing this, your business can deliver in a smarter and faster way.

Salesforce development services and Salesforce Service Cloud can definitely help you improve your business operations instantly. The process leads to better customer engagement based on their behaviours. Salesforce Consulting Group provides professional business consultation services to take care of your business’s needs and help you reach your goals. In a crowded marketplace, business consultation with our efficient team can add value to your organization.

Customer service and support can be less challenging with the right tools. Salesforce Service Cloud allows your company to help engage your customers in a multitude of customized ways. Help establish a strong rapport.

Salesforce Service Cloud


Agent Workspace

Handle customers onscreen with easy to follow automation for your agents. Tailor your support based on agents attributes. Help your agents resolve issues more efficiently by accessing data in a drag and drop UI.

Automation and Workflow

Create simple automation systems with no code. Integrate data directly from any system or legacy software. Provide your customers with easy to use online software.

Case Management

Transfer all cases to the correct agent based on customer criteria. See all content related to your cases and provide agents with in-depth knowledge of each case. See all customer data and history in one page.

Knowledge Management

Use a bank full of articles that can be provided as a self service tool to your customers. Use portal, community, and native apps. Use data analytics to see what is working for your business. Streamline success for your agents to have the best articles to help customers.

Telephony and Voice

With Service Clouse Voice, streamline phone calls and enable data servicing while calling. Integrate your telephone service provider and connect with your clients faster. Monitor agent and client interactions to analyze your data.

Video Support

Troubleshoot issues in real time. Engage with your clients in a new user friendly way. Use control designations to help troubleshoot customer claims onscreen. Provide step by step solutions or utilize knowledge database in an entirely new way.

Salesforce Service Cloud: How it works

Take a quick look on how Salesforce Service Cloud works and see if it’s a fit for your company

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Our Certified Salesforce Experts and Consultants are fully equipped in creating customizable features that can fully utilize the power of Salesforce Service Cloud. We provide a robust and dynamic service for our customers that need extra attention to detail. We make sure your implementation is completed on time and on budget.

Case Services

Salesforce Service Cloud allows for omni channel to get the right agents for customers. Build experts in each field and provide them with customer history, related orders, and inquiries. Log calls and provide better support for your customers.

Automation Service Processes

Our best way of saving time and cost is to help clients help themselves. This is our main focus when it comes to automation. Automatically create and update records that can be used by agents during service calls. Make service processes fool proof so customer tracking and history can be easily accessed.

Agent Training

Use Knowledge to provide agents with articles and support. Increase your productivity of your agents and manage their daily quotas. See who is reach targeted goals, with training and surveys. We provide a managed approach that creates easy to follow workflow for agents.